Dusk Till Dawn Casino

Whether you’re taking a quick break in one of our premiere poker events, or just fancy a laid-back environment to play table games with friends, the Casino area of Dusk Till Dawn will provide what you’re looking for! The casino offers Blackjack, Roulette – and two brand new games, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker (TCP) Stud.


The classic take on an 18th century game. We have two large roulette tables, amongst several Electronic Terminals situated around the club to meet all of your wheel spinning needs.

Our normal live game operates a £1 minimum and £100 maximum Table, having a £5 minimum call bet.


Another classic, this time from the 17th century. We have three blackjack tables in the casino, starting at £5 minimum bet. Sidebets include Perfect Pair, 21+3 and Luck Ladies (£1min). What’s really good about our Blackjack tables is that we offer players the choice to surrender and refund their bets on Splits and Doubles if up against a dealer’s Blackjack!


At Dusk Till Dawn we have several state of the art Slot Machines for your playing pleasure. Every machine features full HD LCD Screens, and over 100 of players favourite games to choose from.

Our slot machines are designed for optimal player experience, with improved monitor resolution (1920×1080), full colour frame lighting, wider gaming machine stances for extra player personal space, integrated high performance sound systems,and configurable auto-play buttons.

All our machines have Jackpot games, and offer multi-play features and payouts up to £10,000!

Poker Tables

Three Card Poker (TCP) Stud

Another poker themed casino game, this time with three cards instead of two! With a £3 minimum wager, you will have two modes of play, Ante and Play.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer, with a minimum qualifying hand for the dealer being Queen High. The Ante will pay regardless of the dealer qualifying or not. TCP Stud makes a great addition to our Casino and will keep kindred spirits of poker alive!

Ultimate Texas Hold'Em

What better game for us to host, than a poker orientated casino game? For those that aren’t familiar with the game, each player including the dealer receives two hole cards, there are also five community cards – just like in normal Texas Hold’em.

Players have to place a minimum of £3 wager on both the ‘Ante’ and the ‘Blind’, with the option to place more on a separate ‘Trips’ bet. Once players receive their cards, they have the option to ‘Check’, or ‘Raise’ by betting equal to three or four times the amount placed on the Ante.

The Flop (or first three community cards) are then revealed. If a player had previously checked before the flop, they will now have the option to bet equal to two times his/her Ante. If a player had previously Bet/Raised before the flop, no further betting is to take place.

The turn and river (or final two community cards), are then revealed. If a bet has been made by a player preflop, or on the flop then on further bets can be made, however if a player has since checked twice, a bet can be made equal to his/her Ante.

Both the dealer and player will then make the best possible poker hand using any combination of their own two cards and the five community cards, just like in normal Texas Hold’em. The dealer must qualify with a minimum of one pair for the Ante bet to be in play. If the dealer does not qualify the bet will be ‘pushed’ (returned) and all other bets will stand regardless whether the dealer qualifies or not. The highest payout on your ‘Blinds’ is 500:1 with a royal flush!