APAT Team Champs

The APAT UK Team Championships returns to Dusk Till Dawn between Januray 31st & February 2nd 2020. 


Date Start Late Reg Tournament Buy-In Guarantee
Fri 31st
7.30PM 9.45PM Bounty Hunter APAT Special £25+£25+£5 £15,000
Sat 1st
2PM - APAT UK Team Championship Day 1* £75+£15 £21,000
Sat 1st
6PM 9.30PM APAT NLHE Side Event £33+£7 £7,500 + 10 x £60 DTD GP Seats
Sun 2nd Feb 1PM - APAT UK Team Championship Day 2* - £21,000
Sun 2nd Feb 2PM 5.30PM APAT NLHE Side Event £33+£7 £7,500 + 10 x £60 DTD GP Seats
Sun 2nd Feb 5PM 7.20PM APAT Round of Each (NLHE/PLO) £33+£7 £3,000
*APAT Team Championship Main Event is for selected registered teams via APAT. Buy-In is per person.


Team allocations have already taken place via APAT for the UK Team Championship Main Event. For more information please click here.
All persons in a registered team must register via the partypoker lobby by January 5th 2020.
All other events are open to all. Particpants wishing to take part in any of the Side Events can register at the Cash Desk on the day or on partypoker.


The UK Team Championship Event prizepool will be split between the five best placed teams and nine best placed indidvuals. 

Team Prizes: The event will run as a normal MTT, and team points will be scored based on each individual members' finishing positions, and will start to be earned on Day 2 by all remaining players on a 'reverse position' scoring - eg; 60th wins 1 point, 1st wins 60 points.

The highest placed teams and individuals will be paid as follows:

Top 5 Teams (total prize paid to Team Captains):
Champions & Gold Medalists: £6,000 / £750 + GTD Entry to 2021 
Silver Medalists: £4,000 / £500 + GTD Entry to 2021
Bronze Medalists: £3,000 / £375 + GTD Entry to 2021
4th placed: £1,600 / £200
5th placed: £1,400 / £175

Top 9 Individuals:
Gold Medalist: £1,250 - their 'team' are guaranteed a place in the UK Team Championship 2021 (if not winning a team medal)
Silver Medalist: £1,000
Bronze Medalist: £750
4th placed: £525
5th placed: £425
6th placed: £350
7th placed: £275
8th placed: £225
9th placed: £200

The APAT UK Team Championship Event does NOT facilitate deals.



  • DTD150

    21st Jan - 26th Jan 2020

    £50,000 GTD

    £150+£15 BUY-IN


    6th Feb - 9th Feb 2020

    £10,000 GTD